Associate Professor Silas Villas-Boas

Dr Silas Villas-Boas is an Associate Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Auckland, with a scientific career focused primarily on microbial physiology, metabolomics and biodiscovery of bioactive metabolites. Since 2001, Dr. Villas-Boas has established international expertise in microbial metabolomics, with over 55 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, 9 book chapters, and 3 patents registered. Dr Villas-Boas has contributed and co-edited the first international text-book on metabolome analysis published by John Wiley & Sons (2007) and he co-edited the first book on Microbial Metabolomics published by CABI Publishing (2012), Oxfordshire, UK. Dr Villas-Boas is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals including Science Reviews(Springer), Metabolites (MDPI) and Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal (International Chemical Biology Society). Since 2010 Dr Villas-Boas has been working in close collaboration with Biotelliga Limited in the biodiscovery of novel antifungal compounds produced by New Zealand isolated microorganisms.