Workshop 1: Ion mobility Q-TOF for characterization and identification of complex molecules in complex samples

Sponsored by: Agilent web

The Agilent 6560 IM QTOF has been designed to achieve the highest performance and enable new analytical capabilities for complex samples.

The added dimension enabled by including an ion mobility low field drift tube with a QTOF delivers powerful resolution.  High sensitivity is achieved by the use of ion funnel technology.  Direct measurement of an analytes collision cross section area is possible from first principles and automatic. The flexibility to use different drift gases will be demonstrated for utmost resolution of challenging samples.  Advanced 4D-molecular feature finding tools produce answers quickly. Existing biomarker discovery workflows are fully integrated such as those provided by Mass Profiler Professional and Pathway Analysis.  Identification of analytes through PCDLs and included CCS measurements and aids structural information.

Workshop 2: Petrochemical Isomer Distribution Analysis Using Cold EI GC/MS

Sponsored by:perkin elmer

PerkinElmer will explore the Importance of Molecular Ion for GC/MS:

We will be focusing on-

  • Electron Ionization Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (EI GC/MS)  and how it is a powerful and information-rich technique for qualitative characterization and quantitative analysis of the compounds in a mixture.
  • Look into the most valuable functions and how it is to providing the molecular weight of a compound, which is often the key to analyte identification.
  • Explore the many compounds, especially those with long or branched hydrocarbon chains, which do not have a stable molecular ion under EI conditions
  • Cold Electron Ionization GC/MS (Cold EI GC/MS) and how it enhances the molecular ion abundance of most compounds as well as enhancing molecular weight determination while retaining the EI fragmentation pattern for spectral library searching.

Workshop 3: Waters Progenesis software for metabolic profiling and reliable identifications

Sponsored by: Waters logo K

Christopher Buck will demonstrate the use of our multi-vendor LC-MS small molecule discovery software.  We encourage attendees to download the software and follow along the process.  The software and demo data can be downloaded at